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Edgeless Thermo-foam pickleball paddle

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New Release
A unique Kevlar face surface + a thick core = The ultimate power advantage!
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New release
Unleash your infinite potential on the court with the new aerodynamic edgeless paddle!
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Aero Technology
Aero Powershot
The Oneshot Powershot, with our new Airflow Technology, is now more powerful than ever!
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Aero Technology
Aero Proshot
Just when you thought the Oneshot Proshot couldn’t get any better; the Aero Proshot arrives!
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Katana Series
T700 Textured Carbon Fiber
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katana series
Katanashot xl
T700 Textured Carbon Fiber with a 6" long handle
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Brian Ashworth Series
The OneShot Carbon Fiber Pureshot - Brian Ashworth Series is a one of a kind paddle that will redefine your game.
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Proshot Legacy
3D UV Textured Surface
OnePoly Core
Dual Edge Guard Technology
Octagonal Handle
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2nd Generation
Powershot 2.0
3D UV Textured Surface
OnePoly Core
Dual Edge Guard Technology
Octagonal Handle
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kids paddles
Paddles designed for our up and coming players. Paddle size for all juniors.
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Starter Paddle set
Oneshot paddle set
Great way to start playing the game we love,
2 high-quality paddles
4 balls
1 set case
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Our most basic paddle constructed with the same materials as our professional line
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Perfect for all your gear!
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Product: JuniorShot

Lighter paddles can make a big difference for beginning youngsters.

John C.

Product: Infinityshot

I am in LOVE with this paddle. It has great pop and my third shots are always perfect. Ball is just easy to place wherever I and and I can generate so much power! 100% recommend!

Carrie M.

Product: Powershot

GREAT customer service, this was my first pickleball paddle purchased and the team at OneShot went out of their way to answer all of my questions no matter how remedial they probably where. I Finally had the opportunity to play with it today and was extremely pleased with how well the paddle performed. I would have enjoyed a little more court time with it but seems that all buddies had to give it a dance around the court as well. Highly Recommend the team at OneShot and their great product.

Burt B

Product: Juniorshot

If you love pickleball and have kids in your life these paddles are the best!! Finally a real paddle for kids. They are the perfect weight and well made for kids. So excited I had to buy four more!!!

Janet M

Product: Paddle Set

I had no idea they utilize the same high quality materials for this set than with their professional paddles! This was a great gift idea for friends and family. Thank you Oneshot!

Kathy R

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