Oneshot Pickleball Paddle - Fireshot - USAPA Approved

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Introducing the Fireshot Pickleball Paddle by Oneshot Pickleball – Unleash Your Power and Spin!

Are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level? Look no further than the Fireshot Pickleball Paddle, the latest innovation from Oneshot Pickleball designed for players who demand exceptional power and incredible spin on the court. Get ready to ignite your passion for pickleball with the Fireshot!

Handle Length: 5.5in

Height: 16.5in

Width: 7.5

Thickness: 16mm

Edgeguard: Thermoformed EVA lightweight

Core & Face: Polypropylene core and Kevlar face

🔥 Unleash Your Power:
The Fireshot Pickleball Paddle is engineered for players who thrive on power plays. Its unique Kevlar face construction combined with a 16mm thickness  will provide you with the ultimate power advantage. With every swing, feel the explosive energy transfer. Crush those winning smashes and dominate every rally with the Fireshot's formidable power!

🌀 Master the Spin:
Pickleball is all about control and precision, and the Fireshot Pickleball Paddle is here to help you master your spin game. Our paddle features an innovative Kevlar weave surface that grabs the ball and adds an incredible spin to your shots. Whether you're executing jaw-dropping spin serves or curving your shots around your opponents, the Fireshot gives you the spin advantage you need to outmaneuver and outplay your rivals.