Oneshot Pickleball Paddle - Flipshot (Dual-Faced) - USAPA Approved

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The OneShot Pickleball Flipshot Series is the first paddle of its kind as it offers 2-sides textured faces! 1 side of the paddle is Fiberglass (Power) and the opposite side is Carbon Fiber (Control). Oneshot designed this paddle inspired by some Table Tennis paddles that offer dual sides as well.

So whether you want Power or Control on either hand, this is a paddle that will adjust to your needs.

The Flipshot Paddle is constructed with the highest quality material and tests the limits of USAPA-approved texture to give players the option of imparting top/back spin with less effort. The inner polymer core is 14.3mm which translates the right amount of Power from the Fiberglass side and great Control feel from the Carbon Fiber side. The Flipshot weighs in at 7.5 - 7.8 oz, and the grip arrives with a 4 1/4" circumference. The paddle's design features a Red side for Power (Fiberglass) and a Blue side for Control (Carbon Fiber)

The OneShot Pickleball Dual Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Flipshot Series Pickleball Paddle is a one of a kind paddle that will redefine your game.