Oneshot Pickleball Paddle - Proshot Legacy - USAPA Approved

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USAPA tested and approved. Material: Core- Polypropylene Honeycomb; Surface- Graphite. Height 15.8”, Width 8.2”, Handle length 5.3”, Thickness 14.5mm and Grip size 4.25”.

Textured Surface; Featuring a state of the art 3D UV print technology that provides a long-lasting face texture. This texture significantly increases the friction between the ball and the surface resulting in powerful spins. Additionally, the printing technology protects the vivid colors of the paddle design.

Core; Introducing our latest core technology which provides an evenly spaced honeycomb that distributes each impact evenly across the paddle. This effect consequently causes a greater and more precise rebound effect. The light but durable core material allows for a larger sweet-spot making the core integrity incredibly forgiving.

Edge Guard; Presenting our Dual Edge Guard Technology which provides the right balance between a strong bond to uphold the cores integrity but versatile enough to allow its flexibility to properly channel the energy back to its core impact after impact.

Handle; Regardless of the type of grip, our new octagonal shape handle has the comfort and control to adjust accordingly.