DEMO OneShot Pickleball Paddle - Katanashot XL - USAPA Approved

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The Katanashot XL paddle has an even longer handle than the original Katanashot! If you are looking to pack power in that two handed backhand, this is the paddle for you. It is a great option for a competitive player who wants more power and control. The high quality T700 carbon fiber face allows a soft touch for control dinks and volleys, while the 13.5 mm core provides an added power and mobility in a very maneuverable way. The paddle ranges between 7.9 oz and 8.3 oz which allows players an ideal weight to control and reset the balls. It is a great weapon for the player who looks to spin and attack the net as often as possible.

Tech Specs:

Core: Polypropylene +carbon fiber T700UD
Face/Surface: Carbon Fiber T700 (UV printing+textured+matte paint)
Size: 16.5 ″ (Length) 7.5 ″ (width)
Core thickness:13.5mm
Handle length: 6
Handle circumference: 4.25
Weight range: 7.9-8.3oz