DEMO OneShot Pickleball Paddle - Pureshot - USAPA Approved

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The OneShot Pickleball Pureshot - Brian Ashworth Series is the first textured Carbon Fiber Paddle released by this company. Oneshot collaborated with Brian on the design for this paddle from beginning to end. Oneshot and Brian wanted to make sure the paddle was versatile for all styles of play but mainly we wanted to focus on 3 main characteristics: 1) responsiveness 2) balance and 3) control. The result of this partnership is a paddle that players can trust and feel comfortable with.

The Pureshot Carbon Fiber Paddle is constructed with the highest quality material and tests the limits of USAPA-approved texture to give players the option of imparting top/back spin with less effort. The inner polymer core is thicker than average (16mm), translating to greater forgiveness while dampening impact vibrations. The Pureshot weighs in at 7.9 - 8.3 oz, and the grip arrives with a 4 3/8" circumference. The paddle's design features black hexagons in the surface with the signature Brian Ashworth “BA” logo in the center.

The OneShot Pickleball Carbon Fiber Pureshot Brian Ashworth Series Pickleball Paddle is a one of a kind paddle that will redefine your game.