Oneshot Pickleball Paddle - Fireshot Carbon - USAPA Approved

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*Paddle includes 1 FREE Edgeguard Protective Tape to protect your paddle.

Material: Core- Polypropylene Honeycomb; Surface- Raw T700 Carbon Fiber. Height 16.5”, Width 7.5”, Handle length 5.5”, Thickness 12-16mm and Grip size 4.25”.

The Fireshot Carbon comes in 3 different thicknesses. The 16 mm core allows more control around the kitchen and pinpoint accuracy on drives. The 12 mm is for the advanced aggressive player who attacks the volleys and drives more powerfully. The 14 mm fits right in the middle of control and power. All 3 paddles are thermo-foam injected around the edges and handle. The swing weight is lighter, allowing the edgeless paddle to feel like a blade cutting across the air.

The carbon fiber face of the Fireshot Carbon is coated with coarse texturing, grabbing, and spinning pickleballs with ease. The overall proportions are 16.5" long by 7.5" wide, with a 5.5" long handle. The handle is 4.25" in circumference (medium), and arrives wrapped in a comfortable, perforated cushion grip. Backing up the textured hitting surface is a 14.5mm (0.57") thick polymer honeycomb core that is reinforced with injected foam around the perimeter. This creates a large sweet spot, minimal extra weight, mis-hit forgiveness, and ample vibration dampening enabling you to keep more shots in play.

This paddle is USA Pickleball Approved for tournament play.